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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The March of the Lemmings

  The Artic is far away, but life exists in many
forms, some of a smaller variety. There are
myths and truths about over crowded areas for
wildlife that leads to migratory movement by
different species. One of these stories being
that, Lemmings, (a rodent size creature )
rush to the sea in large numbers to commit
suicide by leaping from cliffs into the Ocean.
  False, they do not commit suicide and they
are able to swim distances equal to their
strength during this migratory movement.
They leave areas due to predators, sparse
food supplies and over-crowding but myths
sometimes stretch the truth as do fictional
  There is a report that a TV episode was
staged by flying a mass of Lemmings to an
area where they were stampeded to perform
this mythical plunge.
  It is believed that some of these creatures
 die while swimming distances unknown to the
force which drives them to a better place.
  We think that nature in its balancing makeup
keeps the animal and human entities in a well
controlled system of habitation with each other.
I sometimes wonder which entity has the
superior brain.
  The human element may sometimes mirror the
lower form in a similar fashion. This satirical and
fictional attempt follows:

The summer solstice leads into the warmest
months of July and August where the human
march to the sea begins. The Northeast area of
America starts its migratory  adventure toward
the Ocean each year. This mindless charge is
called, vacation. Gasoline prices and mileage
damage to their cars mean nothing as they speed
their way to a reserved beach house and the
smell of the beckoning sand and surf.
  Their insane desire to burn their whitened
skin seems suicidal despite the volumes 
written about the cancerous effects of the sun's
torturous beams. The unhealthy food supplies
offered by the eagerly awaiting vendors add
another dangerous element toward their
maddened drive toward obesity and beyond.
Is there an answer to this attempt to self
  Am I a Lemming? Certainly! Why do I satirize
the vacation season? It's only a humorous
attempt to compare us to nature and the
animal world. We are linked in many ways
and our survival depends on understanding
the things that abound in nature.
  Despite the health issues, God has given
us this beautiful world to enjoy. He has also
given us a brain and it is up to us to use it to
take care in protecting ourselves  from the
elements and our choices.
  We live in a stress filled world and vacations
serve as a rejuvenation point to our physical
and mental responses. The time away from
newspapers, TV, and reports of bombings,
murders, and disasters allow kindred souls to
socialize with fellowship joined in hope and
promise for a more peaceful planet.

HAPPY LEAPS TO ALL             


Summer by Joe Hisaishi

River Rafting

Many vacations head for the refreshing and calm
effects of water. Oceans, lakes, and rivers are
the choices of those communing with nature.
Occasionally surprises arise and adjustments
have to be made.

Don't go rafting without a Baptist in the Boat- Jeanne Robertson


Vacations are about leaving your worries behind and
and enjoying what nature has to offer.

Nature of the Game by Christopher Cross



What was the present is now the past,
It seems that time speeds by so fast.
Yesterday is gone and now draws neigh.
Where did it go as I question, why? 

It must have went somewhere,
Is it hiding over there?
Couldn't  it pause on my happy day,
And let me do as I may?

I want it to be Summer every day of the year,
And go swimming and sailing without snow to fear.
But time marches on, all the experts do say.
Enjoy each minute; make the best of it anyway.


Ocean Song by Jessica McLean